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About Us

We found our love of Great Danes in 2003 after meeting Sharon Hladik. Sharon has   shared a wealth of knowledge and guidance throughout the years with us and we thank her for that, and the wonderful additions to our family. We have had 4 wonderful Danes in our lives so far, DOMINO, DD, ECHO   and KRYPTONITE and look forward to more.

Domino and DD are relaxing on the couch, while Echo has had her 1st litter on November 11th 2011. She was bred to Champion Haltmeier's The Dude V. Rnwy & Brgdn. She had a wonderful litter of 6 harlequin females.

KRYPTONITE LEASHES AND LEADS was formed in loving memory of CHAMPION HLADIK'S MAX-A-MILLION, aka KRYPTONITE, whom we lost in August of 2007. He was a wonderful Dane. Thank you, Lorrie Ritcher for all your help bringing him to his championship, he is sorely missed.

KRYPTONITE LEASHES AND LEADS   is a small family business which makes hand braided leashes, leads and collars from 550 commercial parachute chording. The product is very strong having a continuous loop at all connections and is very clean and sleek so as not to detract attention from the dog.girlskryptonite                  


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